To provide the best and efficent maritime and port service for the countries import and export trade, and becoming number one in strong maritime administration in Africa


Our Mission is to :-

  • To give organized and strong marine and land transport
  • Providing port and port related services
  • Increasing economy by decreasing transite time and cost
  • Improving in-land water transport
  • Making sure ships, marine officers (sea men) and shipments are free from contamination and danger
  • Increasing number of sea men and improving their qualifications


The purpose for which the authority is established are as follows:-

  1. Ensure that the transport operations and movement of goods in import and export of the country are economical; plan, coordinate and enforce such operation;
  2. Reduce the transit time of import export of goods, and coordinate the concerned Government bodies to care for goods at port
  3. Seek ways and means for the promotion and development for multimodal transport, marine transport, in-land water transport and ensure the availablity of uninterruped resource of skilled man power in the maritime sector for the country

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